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One to Watch Style is a fashion and style blog that highlights dynamite fashion pieces and the fashion forward people who wear them.  Here we celebrate global, fun, intelligent talent while celebrating their exuberant styles as forms of grace, individualism, and self-expression.  We are dedicated to covering fashion and lifestyle pieces from Africa through Europe, the US, and the rest of the world. We aim also to highlight unsung female heroes the world over who are changing the status quo in their sections of the globe.


About Me:

Fashion enthusiast.  My mom and aunties are these glamorous Nigerian women who inspired my sister and I as kids. They wore hats with dresses and wore jeans and beautiful belts as components of casual glamour!  Then, at the age of 15, I discovered beautiful Valentino gowns in a W magazine shoot and it was a done deal.  Years later I was offered a position in the costume department of Sex and the City in Season 4  after a chance meeting with the team (was supposed to be interviewing for bookeeping). Just being on the set and walking into the closet sent me on a rocket to Venus. I could not take the position due to demands at the time, but I have remained motivated by the experience ever since.

…And I am a Family Medicine Physician interested in women’s health, empowerment, and wellbeing.  I love music, adventure, traveling (especially to West Africa, France, NYC and the beach-dream location, Cannes, shown below), peonies, reading paperback books, making cakes, and going on city walks with my two children. I love life and love fashion and look forward to sharing more of these through my blog.

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